SCTV Superfan Creates Super Site

One man’s obsession to record pop culture landmarks.

Joe Flaherty as Count Floyd. PHOTO: Second City

By day, Trevor Stenson is a research technician at the University of Alberta’s department of medicine. By night – and most other hours away from the U of A – he’s one of the biggest SCTV fans in the world.

In 2004, he began a two-year process of identifying where some of the more memorable SCTV skits from the Edmonton years were filmed. You can see the fruits of his labour here.

“It started up as a hobby [for] a fan, then I sort of became a fanatic,” he says. “It became an obsession.”

Stenson’s website appeared at the same time of the release of the SCTV DVD box sets, which replaced the old VHS tapes of episodes he recorded when he was a kid.

“I had them on VHS. I knew a lot of people who taped them religiously like I did. Eventually, some of the episodes get taped over.

“Before, when they shot in Toronto, they did most of it in studio. But in Edmonton, they were free to shoot on location. I think it was a lot freer for them because Edmonton was so insular. They were far away from the entertainment industry. It influenced them. It was pretty special – and it was shot here.”

Stenson has to update the site with some new info and corrections, but it’s a neat collection. Without it, we wouldn’t know that SCTV‘s “Russian” episode was shot in the McCauley-Norwood neighbourhoods; or that “Neil Simon’s Nutcracker Suite” was shot at the Hotel Macdonald; or that the “ParticipACTION” parody was shot at the corner of Whyte Avenue and 103rd Street, right in front of what is now Hudson’s Taphouse.

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