Cool Hunter: Sporting Goods

Items to get you outside and stepping up your game.

Photography by Peter Markiw

MEC’s pod sling (foreground; $21) includes a cell-phone pocket and loops that guide headphone wires through the shoulder strap. The Onsight Saigon messenger bag ($53) is weatherproof. (12328 102nd Ave., 780-488-6614)

Prism’s Jazz dual-line stunt kite is not like your childhood toy. It’s 1.4-metre wingspan can be folded in half and rolled up for easy storage. It cuts through winds up to 40 km per hour. $59.99 at Kites and Other Delights (10024 21 Ave., 780-487-9952)

These anti-shock Leki Teton aluminum hiking poles make high-altitude adventures safer. The pair goes for $144.99 at Totem Outdoor Outfitters. (7430 99 St., 780-432-1223)

Catch this classic, easy-to-break-in, leather Rawlings baseball glove (available for righties and southpaws) at Totem Outdoor Outfitters for $70. (7430 99 St., 780-432-1223)

The Tachikara tetherball is $16.99 at United Cycle. (7620 Gateway Blvd., 780-433-1181)

The Electra Townie seven-speed ┬ábike from United Cycle has a full aluminum frame and “flat foot technology,” which means it provides a relaxed ride without knee strain. It’s $579.99. (7620 Gateway Blvd., 780-433-1181)

The Swiftflyte bocce ball set comes with a carrying case and is available at United Cycle for $29.99. (7620 Gateway Blvd., 780-433-1181)

The titanium Head tennis racquet can help you and the Earth stay in shape. With every one sold, a donation is made to Cool Earth, an organization for rainforest protection. It’s $69.99 at United Cycle. (7620 Gateway Blvd., 780-433-1181)

This lightweight speed rope by Nike has cushioned grips. Available at Sport Chek for $19.99. (10205 101 St., 780-426-7801, and several other locations)

This breathable, weather-resistant Ferrata hoodie is ideal for exercising in inclement weather. Available at MEC for $140. (2328 102 Ave., 780-488-6614)

The “fivefingers” Treksport shoe by Vibram looks like the goofy cousin of the five-toed sock, but it might be the family genius. Vibram claims its makes for a healthier, stronger, more stimulated foot. $99 at MEC. (12328 102 Ave., 780-488-6614)

The single-speed Trek Soho bike, made for simplicity and ease of transport, has a lightweight black aluminum frame and a carrying pad under the seat that lets you sling it on your shoulder. $699 at United Cycle. (7620 Gateway Blvd., 780-433-1181)

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