Thank You for Being a Pal

Avenue reader engagement aids in bringing literacy to adults in need.

Thank you, Avenue readers!

In May, we asked you, our readers, to engage with us by filling out our 2015 readership survey. We asked your opinion on what you loved about Avenue, and asked you what you thought we could do better.

For us, the survey is a valuable, rewarding and – to be honest – sometimes sobering process. But, more importantly, we see the survey as an opportunity for Avenue to be the best reflection of its readership that it can be.

But in all the excitement of our annual readership pulse-taking, an opportunity presented itself to foster more than a growing readership for Avenue, but adult readers in general.

P.A.L.S. math co-ordinator Monica Das receives raised funds from Avenue publisher Orville Chubb.

Though many of us can pick up a magazine and enjoy the content inside, there are others – one in three adults in Edmonton, according to some estimates – struggling with low-level adult literacy skills. In a world where words and symbols mean everything from the information on medication labels to the printed materials required to find stable employment, the need to ensure adult literacy is paramount.

This year, Avenue pledged to donate $5 for each person who filled out our survey (up to $2,000) to the Project Adult Literacy Society (P.A.L.S.), a community-based literacy program that addresses the needs of adults with low-level literacy and low-level math literacy skills.

We are happy to announce that we reached our goal and that, today, we made our $2,000 donation to P.A.L.S. on behalf of our readership.

Thank you for participating, Edmonton. Your contribution helps ensure that P.A.L.S. can fulfill its mission of changing lives through literacy.

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