Party Crasher: Pecha Kucha Night 9

Designers share their ideas, from urban planning to storytelling.

At Pecha Kucha Night 9 on Mar. 4, no one knew what participants Sean Healy and Adam Rozenhart were getting at when they urged Edmonton to do everything in its power “to stay off of all maps.” It all made sense as soon as a slide revealed a blood-soaked, mouth-agape zombie. As Next Gen co-ordinator Christine Causing puts it: “It was the first time we had someone relate zombies to urban planning.”

Healy, a software developer, and Rozenhart, co-host of the Unknown Studio podcast, chose satire to make their argument for better urban design. The other nine presenters took more conventional approaches with their slide shows. Topics ranged from creating digital archives to the power of storytelling.

Held at the Royal Alberta Museum, the sold-out show had 400 people in attendance and a little over 100 viewers watching the Edmonton Journal livestream. Through sales of drinks,  which were donated by Molson Coors and Copper Moon wine, $1,230 was raised for Hope Mission. On Jun. 17 a downtown redesign-themed PKN 10 will take place at the Aviation Museum.

Above:  Kristine Doiron and Stephen Visser

Above: Ryan Stark and John Loveseth

Above: Thomas Scott and Ryan Jespersen

Above: Spencer Ganton, Barry Ziober and Barb Smith

Above: Cary Williams with son Cooper Williams, Brian Murray and Michel Feist

Above: Joel Jackson and Kirsten Edmonds

Above: Pieter de Vos and Michael Brechtel

Above: Sharon Yeo, Nadine Riopel and Mack Male

Above: Max Fawcett and Lisa Baroldi

Above: Kim Raine on why healthy living starts with urban planning

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