Good Vibrations

What if everyone who wants to improve Edmonton gathered in one room?

Imagine the kind of positive energy we’d create if everyone who wanted to improve Edmonton were to gather in the same room at the same time.

Thanks to The Local Good, that’s not just a possibility, but a reoccurring event. The organization, founded in 2007, aims to bring together “folks who are trying to make Edmonton a better place, whether it’s through environmental sustainability, social enterprise or arts,” says Tad Hargrave, who’s a co-founder of The Local Good, and also runs his own business as a marketing coach for “hippies.”

This month, The Local Good is holding the Good One Hundred Experiment, an invite-only conference on June 1 and 2 that brings together 100 “savvy Edmonton do-gooders,” says Hargrave.

The conference aims to bring together similar-minded people who work in different sectors that may not normally have an opportunity to interact with one another and potentially help each other meet their goals.

At last year’s one-day version of the conference, Edmontonian Adam Rozenhart workshopped his idea for a social media awards show into the concept for The Yeggies, which took place this May. Awards were given to those with blogs, videoblogs, podcasts and other forms of social media that inspire, inform, entertain or educate.

“It’s about building networks,” says Hargrave. “I find when people meet each other and have a chance to get to know each other and become a part of this community, stuff happens down the road that can be pretty inspiring.”

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