2010 Design Inside the Box: Lounge Chair

Second-year university student Robert Faulkner stumbled on a natural talent for designing contemporary furniture.

Robert Faulkner has always enjoyed working with his hands, so when he decided to enrol in the University of Alberta’s bachelor of design program, it was no surprise to him that the craft came naturally. Now in his second year, Faulkner says he has learned a lot about the skills that can set one designer apart from others.

“Usually people will find an area of expertise, and I am willing to explore a little bit more,” explains Faulkner. “Whether it is in the computer lab or in the workshop, I am always interested in learning new tools and processes.”

As a designer who usually pulls his inspiration from architecture and sculpture, Faulkner was keen to design something that was contemporary, clean and simple. His lounge chair was inspired by the exposed structures on modern street motorcycles. But like any good design, there were improvements along the way to the final design.

“The way that I conceptualized it in the beginning changed from the way that it was finally realized,” says Faulkner. On the original design, for example, he mounted the seat and the backrest onto the frame with exposed bolts. “I wanted to maintain that clean look, so I opted to mount them from the inside and only halfway through,” he says.

As Faulkner enters his third year, he says he is still discovering new passions. “Originally, all I ever wanted to do was design bicycles, but I am finding that furniture is a lot of fun.”

He is keeping his options open as he hones his craft. “In the field of design, the possibilities are endless,” he says. “But I can’t get too far ahead of myself.”

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