Party Crasher: AWE Celebration of Achievement

Alberta Women’s Entrepreneurs recognize Dragons’ Den’s Arlene Dickinson with inaugural award.

Photography by Terri Belley

When Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) announced its inaugural Celebration of Achievement award, honouring an Alberta business leader, the obvious choice was Arlene Dickinson, better known from CBC’s Dragons’ Den.

“Lots of women can see themselves in what she’s been able to achieve as a mother and as a business woman,” says Tracey Scarlett, CEO of AWE, a 17-year-old non-profit organization.

More than 250 people came to the May 3 gala at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald to meet Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications.

She said, “Women fought for things like the vote and to get us to a place where we could have a seat at the table. And now that we have a seat at the table, I think we just have to be really confident and prove our values.” Dickinson added, “I’m a big believe in meritocracy.”

(Left to right) Laureen Regan and Lori Schmidt 

Andrea Mondor, Sebastian Panciuk and Danita Haysom

Barb Read, Alison Meyer and Sara Tharakan

Marilyn Sochatsky and Lori Hladun 

Denise Williams and Manchi Lo 

Marcela Mandeville, Seanna Collins and Anne Finzer

Nicole Geisler, Jennifer Hughes and Mary Colpo 

Tracey Scarlett 

Ashton Paulitsch and Megan Kilgour 

Maureen MacKay, Lesley MacDonald and Era Rowles

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