Party Crasher: Sidney Poitier After Party

An intimate night with a screen and Civil Rights legend.

After Sidney Poitier gave a very personal talk at the Jubilee Auditorium on Oct. 13, he made an appearance at the home of Gordon Johnston and Raine Dowell, of Name Dropping Productions!, for an intimate evening party to honour the legendary actor.

When asked why he chose to speak to the audience about his upbringing rather than his storied career, Poitier, who broke race barriers in Hollywood and was an eminent civil-rights figure, said: “My parents taught me who I am, and they taught it to me in all kinds of interesting ways. And who I am is what I want to speak about, hoping that someone gets to know … how I came about, and that I am a person who has matured through the teachings and behavioural patterns of my parents.”

(From left) Louise Dub and Mitch Conner

Lindsay Hunt and Jana G. Pruden

Kelly Fox, Chris Fox and Anneliese Fris

Jeannette Austin-Odina, Bobby Ryan and Harmony Ryan

Stacy Wickman, Art Banyon and Shelly Fedorak

Lezlie Campbell and Norman Campbell

Pal Johnston, Mary Johnston and Beverly Conner

Stephanie Molina and Charlene Hay

Michelle Todd and Alvin Todd

Raine Dowell, Sidney Poitier, Gordon Johnston and Posy Johnston

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