Party Crasher: Splendid Surprise

A surprise party honours a worthy citizen.

The Chateau Lacombe ballroom bustled with 300 of the city’s finest, who honoured the first lady of Edmonton, Lynn Mandel, for her contributions to the city. The celebration – a carefully planned surprise party – included an innocent deception on the part of her husband, former mayor Stephen Mandel.

“He said we had a dinner at six, and that there was this event that … we needed to pop in on and say hi,” said Lynn. “So I sort of whined on the way in, looked around, and I knew everyone in the room. That’s when I thought: ‘What’s this dinner we didn’t get invited to?'” The question was answered when, in the middle of his faux-speech, mayor Mandel cued the audience. Each member of the crowd held up a paper-cutout mask featuring Lynn’s face.

The remainder of the evening featured a buffet dinner from Chateau Lacombe Chef Pierre Trudel along with performances from the 3rd Street Beat dancers, Citie Ballet with artistic director Franois Chevennement and pianist Brittany Ferguson. “I’m still sort of stunned,” said Lynn. “I’m being honoured for doing my job, really.”

1. James Kershaw and Kristen Katz

2. Derek Jagodzinsky and Michelle Houle

3. Mary McLean and Brian Batsch

4. Carly Agnew and Mark Agnew

5. Renee Oxley and Scott Oxley

6. Sharron Batsch and Brian Hetherington

7. Former premier Ed Stelmach and Marie Stelmach

8. The Honourable Allan H. Wachowich and Gerald S. Krispin

9. Andrea Ferguson and Brittany Ferguson

10. Carrie Doll, John Cameron and Janice Kosak

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