Party Crasher: The Rosie Ruiz Marathon

Women in ’80s fitness gear party on a streetcar.

Photography by Jana Pruden

Sixty-six women (and four guys – bartenders and conductors) dressed up in ’80s fitness gear and boarded the Old Strathcona historic street car for the “Rosie Ruiz Marathon.”

Inspired by the woman who was stripped of her 1980 Boston Marathon title for hopping on the subway and short-cutting the race, the Edmonton party-goers rode across the river and dined on doughnuts from Heritage Baked Goods and hors d’oeuvres prepared by Cindy Lazarenko, formerly of Highlands Kitchen.

Organized by friends Jana Pruden, Jodie Sinnema and Lindsay Ruth Hunt, the Rosie Ruiz Marathon, held Sept. 8, raised more than $10,000 for the iHuman Woven Journey Program, which helps high-risk mothers achieve a healthier lifestyle. “It’s been amazing to watch strong, dynamic women be able to raise money to help young women,” says Pruden. “It’s inspiring.”

1. (Left to right) Lindsay Ruth Hunt and Jodie Sinnema

2. Rene Johnson and Vikki Wiercinski

3. Allison Byrne and Brandi Aguilar

4. Shelane Jorgenson and Amber Bracken

5. Marino Eliopoulos and Evan McIntyre

6. Sarah O’Donnell and Kristiana Givens

7.  Andrea Sands and Shelley Bindon

8. Danae Nguyen and Mandy Krahn

9. Chris Ashdown and Hugh McKay

10. Mariam Ibrahim, Catherine Clune-Taylor and Emma Kennedy

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