Have Pizza (Or Is It Flatbread?) for Breakfast at Al Centro

Al Centro has one of the best takeaway and quick eat-in breakfast selections you’ll find.

Photograph by Bluefish Studio.

For those of us who need to be downtown on a weekday morning, the quick breakfast offerings usually involve processed cheese and a reheated sausage slab, along with something that passes for an egg. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Al Centro, launched by Antonio Bilotta of Da Capo fame and Frank Imbrogno, has not only great coffee, but maybe one of the best takeaway and quick eat-in breakfast selections you’ll find. Is it a pizza or a flatbread? I’m not sure, but you get a solid square topped with fresh cheese, meats, peppers, tomatoes and a perfectly fried egg. It’s OK to eat it with a fork, as the golden yolk breaks open and covers the rest of the toppings. It’s inventive, it’s fun and it’s delicious. So, no more sausage-from-heating-tray sandwiches, OK?

9888 Jasper Ave.,780-760-7662, alcentro.ca

Owners Antonio Bilotta and Frank Imbrogno. Photograph by Bluefish Studio.

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This article appears in the September 2019 issue of Avenue Edmonton.

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