Eat This Now: Salmon Oyako Tartare at Kobachi

This Japanese restaurant combines health-conscious and creative dishes with a minimalistic and mindful setting

Salmon Oyako Tartare and Shrimp Mayo Roll

Located in Sherwood Park, Kobachi takes healthy eating to a different level — without sacrificing the richness of flavour. Recently opened at Festival Lane, the Japanese restaurant aims to provide sensible, locally sourced and health-conscious dishes. While space here is limited, its mindful and open concept doesn’t encourage you to rush in an attempt to free the seats. On the contrary, the vibe prompts you to stop and take a minute to consider your options — and there’s plenty to choose from. Kobachi offers a wide selection of maki, sushi, sashimi, bowls and more.

You can start your experience with smooth and well-balanced Sake – there are three varieties to choose from – or Snochu, Japanese traditional hard liquor. For sushi, you can find everything here from Flying Fish Roe and Octopus sushi, to the classic California or Baked Salmon Roll. Kobachi also serves small bowls such as Bok Choy Ohitashi, Ika Kimchi and Parsnip Kimpira.

For an appetizer, try the Salmon Oyako Tartare – this colourful dish comes with avocado, pickled onions, tobiko, ikura and microgreens, among other ingredients. It’s well-balanced and light, yet savoury. For sushi, try the Shrimp Mayo Roll – its milder taste pairs well with the savouriness of Salmon Tartare.

200 Festival Lane #125, Sherwood Park, 780-570-5858,

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