Eat This Now: Seafood Poutine at Frencheese

Fried clam strips on top of poutine. Why the heck not?

So, there’s some sort of unwritten culinary rule about not mixing cheese with seafood. And there’s another one about keeping gravy away from seafood.

So, of course that would mean that seafood belongs nowhere near a big, heaping dish of poutine. Right?

Wrong. Absolutely wrong. At Frencheese, located on the east end of Whyte Avenue, you’ll find a variety of traditional and not-so-traditional poutine offerings made with squeaky cheese that’s produced right next door. Frencheese is right up there for the best poutine in the city, but you can add smoked meat or peas or pepperoni, if that’s your thing.

But, the seafood jumps out from the menu. Fried clam strips on top of poutine. Why the heck not? You only live once, right? The strips are crispy and actually offer a pretty darn good complement to the fries. This is total winter-time comfort food.

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