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October 16, 2019

Eat This Now: Tempura Ice Cream

Ice cream, Japanese style.

When we think of tempura, we think of golden battered veggies and shrimp. We think savoury, not sweet.

But, at Mikado‘s west-end location, there’s a sweet treat at the end of the meal that’s definitely worth a try. It’s ice cream that’s surrounded in a warm tempura batter. There’s a bit of the nod to the deep-fried ice creams and Baked Alaskas some of us might remember from old-school steakhouse menus, but the tempura batter is light and adds just the right bit of crunch. It’s not sugary-sweet and overpowering. It still lets the ice cream be the star of the show.

We dined there as a party of four, so it was served to us in a big bowl for sharing. On a hot summer day, following baseball practice, it was indeed a welcome, refreshing treat.

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