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How to get the most out of our short Edmonton summer

7 Sweet and Savoury Summer Treats

Summer is here and so are the treats. Here are seven of our favourite local flavours

Moonshine Doughnuts

Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market (and various locations)

Trade up a basic doughnut for something more unique from Moonshine. It features flavours like raspberry matcha, chocolate maple or chai coconut that will have you drooling.

80 Flavours Premium Ice Cream

4025 Gateway Blvd./8620 159 St./11520 Ellerslie Rd. SW/14717 127 St.

A classic cone can always hit the spot on a sunny day. The 80 Flavours trucks’ wide selection of choices may make it impossible to pick just one scoop.

Block 1912

10361 82 Ave

Nothing like a frozen Italian classic dessert to help cool off in the summer heat. Block 1912 has a variety of gelato flavours you’ll love.

Cafe Mosaics

10844 82 Ave

For those looking for a vegan-friendly option, stop by Cafe Mosaics for a smoothie bowl. Choose between the Mochado, a chocolatey treat with a kick of espresso, or the heavenly Banana Chai. Both are garnished with fresh fruits and are totally delicious.

Green Onion Cake Man

9132 118 Ave

It’s not summer without this street food favourite. You can trust Green Onion Cake Man to serve up the tastiest cakes in town.

Dream Tea

11242 104 Ave/ 7912 104 St

What better way to refresh from a hot day than with bubble tea? Dream Tea has a large list of flavours to pick from.

Tacos on Whyte

8123 104 St NW

From nachos to fajitas, quesadillas and more, Tacos on Whyte can satisfy your craving for fresh Mexican cuisine.

Q&A with Shelley Switzer, artistic producer Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

One of Edmonton’s favourite festivals, and the first of its kind on the continent, is celebrating its 35th year this summer. The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival is set to return July 5-14 featuring all kinds of entertainers from around the world. Shelley Switzer, the artistic producer and long-time volunteer, shares her passion for the street performing arts and what goes into planning one of the city’s most beloved festivals.

What is your role with the festival?

I’m the artistic producer of the festival. Up until 2018, I was the only year-round full-time staff. This is actually my 20th year as producer, but you get to add another 11 years as a volunteer. So, this is my 31st International Performers Festival.

Can you tell us a bit about the festival?

We now have up to four generations of Edmontonians and people who love our festival that are attending and they know what to do. They know how it works at our festival. That is, that you exercise the democratic art form of street performance, which is you decide the value at the end of the show and contribute that directly to the artists.

What do you look for when finding an act? How does that process go?

I referred to it as the many facets of a diamond. How many have been with us before? How many are bringing new shows? How many are brand new to our festival who have never been to Canada before? Who is doing something really completely unique, how many men, how many women, how many fill-in-the-blank, really… I get emails and YouTubes and connections that way constantly. Probably five to 10 applications a week, no word of a lie, year-round. I do review that material. Additionally, I have the great fortune of, not every year, but regularly I also get to travel the world and go to other festivals for scouting, for study, for research to see the Adelaide Fringe or Shizuka Festival in Japan. I’ve been to Spain, I’ve been to all parts of the U.K. This summer, I’ll be having the great fortune of being able to travel to the Edinburgh Fringe, which this will be my fourth time at that festival.

What do you love most about being a part of the festival?

There’s nothing finer than those 10 days. Tied with that is the incredible team that comes together to make that happen. It’s the team of staff, and contractors, and the amazing volunteers. It’s the vendors, it’s the artists, it’s everybody’s efforts to make it happen every year.

Why do you think people should come check it out?

It is a chance that any person of any age, or ability, or background can come together and enjoy. Your grandparents can bring their wee ones to have a really fun day at the festival; it’s a fantastic date night in the middle of summer. It’s the chance to really come and play… The beauty of our festival is that a homeless person is standing next to a business person from downtown. They are sharing the same laugh. There’s that moment of grace. The lights are on and the artist is of course the main focus of the attention, but you are actually watching the community that gathers for those moments.

Get Your Africanival On

Immerse yourself in an exciting cultural celebration. Africanival, a three-day festival that celebrates African culture, will be in Edmonton from July 12 to 14. Expect to see traditional music, dancing, poetry and a fashion show. If you want to make the most of your visit, here is your guide on how-to Africanival. (Formerly known as Afrofest).

Expect to see fantastic performances

From live music, dance and spoken poetry, each day of the festival will be packed with incredible traditional entertainment.

Grab some grub

Come ready to eat! Every year, about 50 vendors attend the festival to bring attendees some of the best food Africa has to offer.

Visit Africanival Fashion Village

African designers will be showcasing their finest looks in a runway show.

Most importantly, celebrate and appreciate

Africanival is an opportunity to connect with the community. Come by the festival to experience the beauty of African culture while supporting local food, fashion, music and dance.

Patio Days

Soak up the sun while snacking and sipping

Rocky Mountain Ice House

10516 Jasper Ave

A patio in the heart of downtown! Enjoy one of the 12 on-tap brews with a view of the city core.

Craft Beer Market

10013 101A Ave

This downtown hotspot has a rooftop patio that is perfect to soak up some sunshine over drinks with your crew.


10922 88 Ave

Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast or some late-night snacks, Sugarbowl’s patio is an adorable spot for any hour of the day.

El Cortez

8230 Gateway Blvd

El Cortez has built a reputation for delish drinks and tacos. What better place to enjoy them than on its sunny patio?


11957 Jasper ave

Nothing like pitchers on a patio! Invite some pals to try its refreshing Cuvee Clementine cocktail.

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