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October 16, 2019

Get Brunch in the Brewery District at Wilfred’s

Its weekend brunch menu includes red mimosas, a rotating French toast feature and a burger that’s anything but dainty.

Dutch Baby Benny and French Toast. Photo by Curtis Comeau.

Somehow, the patio at Wilfred’s feels intimate. The umbrellas and small tables packed with big brunch dishes make you forget that your “view” is of the Brewery District‘s parking lot.

Weekend brunch at this still-new-to-many French inspired eatery doesn’t disappoint. From the red mimosas (thanks to the grapefruit juice) to the homemade jam, it’s the little touches that push the meal over the top.

My wife has the Brunch Burger; the egg yolk drips over the roughly pressed beef patty after she takes the first bite. There’s nothing delicate or dainty about this; it’s a country breakfast. I have the smoked salmon, which is served with silver-dollar-sized pancakes. Spread the crème fraiche on the pancake, add salmon, the vinegar-soaked cucumbers and capers, and it’s a fantastic, fresh way to eat under the warm sun.

The kids want sweets. While the banana bread French toast is sold out, we get a rotating French toast feature, with apples, brie and pine nuts. The mixing of the flavours is delicate. And, for a few minutes at least, I don’t see a parking lot. Or, at least I imagine that it’s filled with Citröens and Peugeots.

10429 121 St. NW, 780-757-7009, wilfreds.co

Irish coffee. Photo by Curtis Comeau.

This article appears in the August 2019 issue of Avenue Edmonton.

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