Party Crasher: Century Grill Indy Party

Edmonton Indy bash celebrates another successful race weekend.

Photography by Jason Everitt

Even though over 800 people attended Century Grill’s Edmonton Indy bash, it was one of the most exclusive parties of the year. On July 21, the invite-only, red carpet event was split between two patios and two lounges.

But, the best place to mingle was in the parking lot, among luxury sports cars and their drivers. “We’ve probably got $20 million of iron in the parking lot,” said Chris Lachance, the owner of Century Hospitality Group.

For the last eight years, the company’s hosted parties during Indy weekend at its various restaurants, but this is always its biggest. “It was a perfect fit with [long-time sponsors] Red Bull and Porsche,” said Lachance. “Eight years ago, the three of us got together and said: ‘Let’s put on a heck of a party.'”

1. David Ozubko and Paulette Riel

2. Ed Michaels and Leah Michaels

3. Jerryd Lajeunesse, Mike Tomas and Tripp West

4. Tammie Mills-Sims and Andreas Azarko

5. Michael Szott and D’Arcy Larmour

6. Ashwani Singh and Kaley Sturko

7. Kymo Thomas and Josette Hayles

8. Deborah Lynn-Sloan and Gary Krutzfeldt

9. Gary Blackburn

10. Cathy Copp

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