Autumn In Layers

Autumn In Layers Avenue’s guided tour through this season’s hottest fashion trends. by Cory Haller Photography by Curtis Comeau. Styling by Sandy Joe Karpetz; Makeup and grooming by Nicola Gavins; Hair by Danielle Desrochers of Mousy Browns. Models: James Kokotilo and Kyandra Maughn of Mode Models. Every spring and fall, Avenue is…

Autumn In Layers

Avenue’s guided tour through this season’s hottest fashion trends.

Photography by Curtis Comeau. Styling by Sandy Joe Karpetz; Makeup and grooming by Nicola Gavins; Hair by Danielle Desrochers of Mousy Browns. Models: James Kokotilo and Kyandra Maughn of Mode Models.

Every spring and fall, Avenue is tasked with showcasing the finest of Edmonton’s fashion-forward – and it hasn’t always been easy. Avenue readers were treated to conceptual fashion shoots in beautifully crafted clothes, photographed in fabulous locations across Edmonton. The stylish sensibilities, the trends and the fashion flavours of the season were spread out for our readers to view for style inspiration.

 This season, take Avenue’s guided tour through fall trends. Four looks for both men and women, accompanied with advice on how to incorporate this autumn’s boldest looks into your own personal style. From grunge-inspired knitwear, colour-blocking, layering and bright and bold accessories, to mod-inspired lines and hems, leather accents and the return of the trench, there’s a lot to choose from. Luckily, we are here to point you in the right direction – layer by layer. 

Take a Long Look

Trenches and longer coats make their way back into fashion this year. Keep in mind that length is important. Risk going too long and you could end up looking like a 1950s gumshoe. Keep the length above the knees to stay on trend.

In the Trenches
Pair a trench coat with a sweater and collared shirt to minimize the awkward bulkiness of a blazer or suit jacket underneath.

Long coats are cool, but large coats aren’t. Keep the fit slim and fitted so that you don’t appear frumpy.

Trending: Button up. When a collared shirt is your bottom layer, button up tight and lose the tie to command a casual but professional look.

Burberry trench, $1,850, from Holt Renfrew; Nudie jeans, $179, from Jaisel; Liberty London shirt, $240, and Paul Smith sweater, both from gravitypope Tailored Goods; Pskaufman Twisted Classics Shoes, $398, from Ego-Trip


The black-and-white look makes a resurgence this year. Add playful patterns to tone down the feel and blend your ensemble together.


Adding texture to your layers helps keep your look visually interesting. Play with matching three different textured autumn-friendly materials such as wool, cotton and leather.

Trending: Leather accents. Leather has a place in any look this season – just don’t overdo it. A jacket accented with leather sleeves or a collar gives a subtle multi-texture feel.

Malorie Urbanovitch knit top, $240, and Acne jeans, $220, from gravitypope Tailored Goods; Senso shoes, $265, from Coup {Garment Boutique}.


Go for an untamed, but sophisticated look, by adding fur to a clean-lined getup. Earth tones are in, and it doesn’t get any earthier than the camouflage of the wild.


Match your neckwear to your coat. When the jacket absolutely must come off, the neckwear stands in as your statement piece.

Vintage Fitch & Leather Bomber jacket, $600, from Lustre-Ized Fur Depot; American Apparel sweater, $72, from American Apparel; Tory Burch necklace, $195, from Holt Renfrew.

Cut Loose

It may seem as though men’s fashion rarely changes, but it’s all in the subtleties. Add a casual feel to your business attire to give a shot of personality. Undo the collar of your shirt and let the tie relax. Remember: it’s the subtle differences that make the suit – and it’s the suit that makes the man.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize creatively. The pocket square doesn’t need a neat fold; just stuff in to the pocket and let it wear as it may.

Trending: Shorter jacket sleeves are standard now. Ensure that at least a half an inch of your shirtsleeve is visible.

Offal Goods pocket square, $20, from Barber Ha; Canali trousers, $395, from Henry Singer,
Canali jacket, $1,495, from Henry Singer; Ermenegildo Zegna shirt, $375, Henry Singer.

Keep Warm, Look Cool

 The weather is cool, so the opportunity to play with your wardrobe is at its peak. Layer, mix and match elements from your closet, from the underwear to the outerwear, to stay on trend. 


It’s too warm for a winter coat and it’s too cold for a spring jacket. Experiment with doubling up on the outerwear. Pair a spring coat with a jean jacket, or a hoodie with a wool blazer.


The trick is to make sure the colours match. For the safe bet on colour coordination, think earth tones matched with deep coloured hues.

Rag & Bone jeans, $195, and A.P.C. jean jacket, $325, both from gravitypope Tailored Goods; American Apparel t-shirt, $36, from American Apparel; Penguin shirt, $95, from Jaisel; Clarks shoes, $140, from gravitypope.
FA chair from Nomadic Infrastructure Labs.

No matter the old adages about mixing patterns, don’t be afraid to break the rules. Much like the grunge era (which inspires this knitwear look), the days of carefully ensuring you don’t mix plaid with stripes are over.

Keep textures similar when mixing patterns to give your ensemble a sense of unity.

Trending: Big and Bold. Though angular lines and tarnished metals currently reign supreme in neckwear, the grunge look lends itself better to bold pieces. 

Isabel Marant toile jacket, $845, and Malorie Urbanovitch knit vest, $325, and socks, $28, all from gravitypope Tailored Goods; Free People sweater dress, $124, from Red Ribbon; Acne boots, $600, from gravitypope Tailored Goods; Phillip Lim bag, $875, from Coup {Garment Boutique}; Kenneth Lane necklace, $85, from Holt Renfrew.

A MOD-ern Feel

The shorter 1960s mod style, with its shorter hems, angular lines and simple dresses, keeps its hold in the top trends of this year. Mix textures to do something new with this classic look.

Match accessories, such as earrings or neckwear, to your shoes to create unity in your ensemble.

Malorie Urbanovitch dress, $495, from gravitypope Tailored Goods; Chie Mihara heels, $440, from gravitypope; Hide Society Shearling coat, $3,499, from Morris Furs; A Peace Treaty earrings, $155, from Red Ribbon.

Casual with Class

Accents of leather work for men just as well as women. A varsity jacket over a sweater, shirt and tie combo, steps up the gentlemanly look to otherwise casual attire.

When the accompanying pieces of your outfit are casual, go straight-laced with the colour to step up your game. Button the collar but feel free to keep the tie loose.

Nudie jeans, $179, from Jaisel; Hugo Boss shirt, $185, and sweater, $195, both from Henry Singer; A.P.C varsity jacket, $995, from gravitypope Tailored Goods; Ermenegildo Zegna tie, $185, from Henry Singer.

It’s All in the Details

Men’s Shoes: The days of the pointy-ended European shoe are over. Try your hand at a leather boot or desert shoe for a current fall-footwear look that can be worn with slacks as well as denim.

Clarks shoes, $140, from gravitypope; Prada boots, $895, from Henry Singer; Unmarked boots, $350, from Ego-Trip.


Men’s Accessories: While earth tones and deep colours may fill out the rest of your outfit, remember to add pops of vibrant colour with brightly patterned socks, ties and pocket squares.

Ermenegildo Zegna tie, $185, and Hugo Boss pocket square, $65, from Henry Singer; socks from Good Luck Sock, $12, from Kunitz Shoes; Offal Goods bow tie, $60, from Barber Ha.


Women’s bags: The slouchy bag is on its way out; rigid bags are back. Accompany your outfit’s clean lines with a bag just as geometrical in shape.

Phillip Lim bag, $975, from Coup {Garment Boutique}; Malorie Urbanovitch backpack, $598, from gravitypope Tailored Goods; American Apparel bucket bag, $125, from American Apparel; Cleobella clutch, $190, from Red Ribbon.


Women’s Shoes: Sharp angles and striking textures make woman’s fall footwear the perfect accessories to the colour-blocking and texture-mixing trends of the season. And, as with the men, boots are in.

Alexander Wang heels, $595, from gravitypope Tailored Goods; Senso heels, $265, from Coup {Garment Boutique}; Modern Vice boots, $498, from Ego-Trip.

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