Party Crasher: Reaching Goals

A luncheon full of possibilities.

Photography by Amber Bracken

NorQuest College’s 1,000 Women: A Million Possibilities was founded in 2010 to help support female students who faced challenges that could potentially prevent them from reaching their education goals. The organization made a three-year plan to raise $1 million by having 1,000 women give $1,000 each. It reached its goal a year earlier than planned. Now, the group continues to raise funds and, on June 12, 580 people attended a luncheon at the Edmonton Expo Centre, where $374,000 was raised. The money will go towards a childcare centre at NorQuest College, scheduled to be built in 2016, that will help ensure parents can continue their education while their kids have proper care. Students spoke at the event, and spoken word poet Shane Koyczan performed. “The childcare centre would provide a way for students to be able to go to school; it’d be one less thing to think about, so they could focus on their studies,” said Patty Taverner, 1,000 Women Advisory Committee Chair.

1. Dallas Stoesz and NorQuest College President Jodi Abbott

2. Shulan Li, Akuage Kir and Bing Su

3. Deborah Coates-Bracken and Lindsay Nakatsui

4. Jonathan Robb and Sangita Sharma

5. Melissa Dunkley and Cindi Berg

6. Farhiya Abdi, Eric Haynes and Hawa Sheriff

7. Lore Ahlstrom and Marian Misik

8. Jessica Lee and Dallas Sloan

9. Sue Heuman and Deb Larsen

10. Janice Sarich, Sarah Chan and Debra Wooding

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