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Photography Daniel Wood; Moritaka Ishime Santoku 185 mm SantokuĀ from Knifewear


Not all knives are created equal. The Ishime line, exclusive to Knifewear, uses the same finish as traditional samurai swords. “These are some of the most traditional knives we carry, made fully of carbon steel,” says Adam Zarycki, the assistant manager of Knifewear. “It’s an exquisite aesthetic that reminds you a living, breathing human hammered steel until an exceptional knife was birthed.”

Dualit 2-slice classic toaster in Azure Blue from Hillaby’s Tools for Cooks in The Enjoy Centre


Those slices of bread you use for breakfast may seem like the most humble of breakfast foods, but they deserve to be toasted just right; perfectly golden on both sides with an exact amount of crunch. To get toasting to perfection, you need to invest, and the Dualit brand won’t disappoint. “Most of my [Dualit] customers are people who have cycled through a lot of disposable toasters that are inconsistent,” says Lynn Hillaby, owner of Hillaby’s Tools for Cooks. Handmade in Crawley, England, these durable toasters are said to last upwards of 50 years. “Make sure you check it out with your children because you’ll probably end up willing it to them,” Hillaby laughs. Available in two, four or six slots and a variety of styles and colours, Dualit toasters are as customizable as other kitchen fixtures.

La Marzocco Linea Mini espresso machine from National Cappuccino; Le Creuset espresso cup and saucer from Bella Casa Design Centre

Espresso Machine

When I asked Jim Olivieri, general manager of National Cappuccino, to recommend the best espresso maker for home use, he didn’t hesitate before saying “La Marzocco.” The brand is beloved by cafes around the world, and changed the home-beverage game when it introduced two machines for residential use. The Linea Mini model, while expensive, is priced significantly less than the brand’s other models. This is the closest thing you’ll get to a quality commercial espresso maker – and, according to Olivieri, has the best residual value – ensuring perfect shots of espresso and foamy milk every time. You don’t need to be an experienced barista to use one, but you will feel like a pro when you do.

Le Creuset round casserole dish in chiffon pink and Marseille blue from Bella Casa Design Centre


Those colourful dishes you see in kitchens and kitchenware stores are ubiquitous for a reason – Le Creuset cast iron is consistently revered as the top brand of cookware. When cared for properly – its enamel coating makes it easier to do so than pure cast iron – it’ll likely outlast you.

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