The Artists’ Voice

Giselle Denis, Fine Artist

The artists’ voice has importance and value and is meant to be shared. 

It can take years for an artist to find their voice. This comes with hundreds, and thousands of hours put into the thing they are creating. You have to continually create, sing, write and build the thing you love to find your voice that becomes recognizably yours. It is a journey of trusting the process to dig deep inside yourself to find ideas that are truly your own. Stay focused. Do not look to the right or to the left of what others are doing. Once you find your voice, it becomes a source of power to be used to affect the world around you. We’ve each been given a voice that is unique, and meant to be shared. We all have something to say. Some of us say it with painting, others with music, some with dance and writing. Your voice has been given to you to share. These paintings are a collection of my voice on canvas. 

Photography by @ashleyhansenart & @martinareem

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