Statement Decor Pieces That Stand the Test of Time

Geometric, neutral and natural — four great twenty-first century modern pieces.

Investing in a stylish piece of well-made furniture is no small thing; a trend, after all, by definition, is just a fling. But there’s no competing with the joy something bold can instil into a room if you’re willing to commit. A statement piece that can simultaneously stand the test of time and lay the foundation for all your seasonal decor carries its own special form of delight. So, let these geometric shapes — paired with the longevity of soft neutrals like taupe, winter white, natural wood and aged brass — own the room throughout the holidays and well into the 2020s.

Pillow Chair

Photograph by Daniel Wood

Like a blanket (or pillow) of snow, add a sheet of winter white to your home — and drop the definite article — with “Pillow Chair” by Edmonton’s own loyalloot ($3,550). Inspired by the methods used in fashion and textile tailoring, draped fabric, folding paper and the proportions of a pillow, the authenticity of this handcrafted piece will never wane. Using cold-formed mahogany rubberwood bentply, a hand-stitched leather seat cover (which can be customized in colour) and powder-coated aluminum legs, the base is also welded and finished in Edmonton.

Designer Anna Thomas suggests letting the powerful simplicity of the shape do all of the talking in a minimal space, like a Scandi living room or a contemporary waiting area. While the kids open up their stockings on Christmas morning, you can unwrap Pillow Chair — which, fittingly, comes in a giant pillow case.

Sting Bar Cabinet

Photograph by Daniel Wood

Who needs to go out for a drink on a cold winter’s night when you’ve got an at-home bar that looks like this? The curves and sharp angles of the Sting Bar Cabinet by Kelly Hoppen for Resource Decor ($9,799, available at Cottswood Interiors) are luxurious nods to the ’20s of a century past and yet, 100 years later, it’s still guaranteed to make for a roaring good time. If ever there was a season for cocktails, this is it.

Fixed with playful, architectural brass inlaid door handles, hardware and feet, and finished in a warm taupe lacquer, the LED lighting inside reveals a fully lit bar with modern utilities like a suspended glass holder, wine rack storage and drawer. Sting transforms your living room, office or dining area into a glamorous event space. In full holiday form, keep it well stocked with your favourite local distillers, like Hansen Distilleries and Strathcona Spirits and serve your guests custom cocktails in glasses from Plum Home + Design.

Stormy Light

Photograph by Daniel Wood

When the sun sets at 4 p.m., this star of the show gets ample time in the spotlight: “Stormy” by Modern Forms ($1,557, available at Park Lighting & Furniture) has state-of-the-art LEDs that project shimmering rays of light across ceilings and walls.

A kind of Christmas star that transcends the season, the fixture itself uses only 32 watts of power, while the light has a rated life of 36,000 hours. It comes in two sizes — ideal for dangling over a kitchen bar or capturing hearts in a large foyer. This glam chandelier sets the tone for magic hour; the six wands are crafted with seeded acrylic, and the hardware feels both trendy and timeless in aged brass or polished nickel — you decide. For something you’ll gaze at year-round, it’s worth the investment.

Mizmo Coffee Table

Photograph by Daniel Wood

A stand of trees in a field near IZM designer Jerad Mack’s mother’s home inspired this heroic and award-winning geometric “MIZMO” coffee table (from $2,650). Handmade in Edmonton, the black aluminum base can also be customized in darkened or natural bronze, polished or powder-coated, while the top can be any species or finish. Here, it’s shown in white oak and a collection of smooth tabletops.

“The repetition of the hexagon shape combined with the varied heights and dimension of the surfaces creates a harmonious balance,” says Shane Pawluck, the other half of the IZM design team. “As with all furniture, your coffee table should be something you appreciate daily,” he says. “It should be pragmatic, beautiful and able to withstand daily use.” In larger spaces, paired or in groups of three, he suggests, they collectively create a commanding centrepiece for your living room.

That may be a lot of quotes, but after nearly 20 years in business, we’ll let IZM speak for itself.


This article appears in the December 2019 issue of Avenue Edmonton.

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