5 Lighting Styles to Consider When Decorating Your Bathroom

5 Lighting Styles to Consider When Decorating Your Bathroom Create your own personal haven with these different bathroom styles and light fixtures to match. By Victoria Lessard   August 28, 2018 Sponsored by    Picture your ideal bathroom. Is there a luxurious shower with a rain-shower head? A claw-foot tub with…

5 Lighting Styles to Consider When Decorating Your Bathroom

Create your own personal haven with these different bathroom styles and light fixtures to match.


August 28, 2018

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Picture your ideal bathroom. Is there a luxurious shower with a rain-shower head? A claw-foot tub with an air of vintage glamour? Or perhaps just a lovely sink all to yourself, separate from your partner’s?

While these big-ticket items can steal the show when it comes to designing a bathroom, the light fixture is the unsung hero that can help make or break the space. The team at Multi Lighting – a Canadian lighting retailer with 11 stores and the largest online inventory of lighting fixtures in Canada – are the experts when it comes enhancing your space with the addition of a light or two.

“Having good lighting in the bathroom is essential. The lighting of this room is often divided into two areas: general lighting and accent lighting,” says Marie-ve Proulx Ouellette of Multi Lighting. “An effective way to maximize the appearance and functionality of your bathroom space is to light multiple areas with different fixtures. This helps balance the room by minimizing glare and shadows, while adding depth and dimension.”

Here, Proulx Ouellette outlines the top five trends in bathroom lighting design and shares her picks for complementary light fixtures that will take the room from functional to truly inviting.

1. Contemporary

A contemporary bathroom is simple but stylish. This fuss-free look aims for ease without losing a chic vibe. “A combination of comfort and functionality, the contemporary style may seem cold and sombre, but accessories in vibrant colours really stand out against neutral tones,” says Proulx Ouellette.

To bring together this style, which calls to mind the calming atmosphere of a spa, Proulx Ouellette suggests incorporating clean lines and texture-free finishes in your bathroom. You’ll be mindfully meditating while you brush your teeth in no time.

Proulx Ouellette’s picks:

The chrome finish on this wall sconce by Cration Nova offers a sleek and effortless look for above your mirror. $254

The clean lines of Elan’s track lighting enhance the light and airy feeling of a contemporary bathroom style. $299.

2. Modern

Calling all trend-setters, taste-makers, and ground-breakers – a modern bathroom is all about creating an original style. “The modern style sets itself apart thanks to its originality and breathtaking forms,” says Proulx Ouellette.

She suggests enhancing this look by incorporating elements such as chrome, stainless steel, bright colours and translucence. She also points to LED strips as a popular light choice for this style because of their form and function. The LED gives off distinctly stylish illumination and is easily placed in hidden spots in the bathroom.

Proulx Ouellette’s picks:

Proulx Ouellette notes that the trend of white fixtures in modern-style bathrooms makes this light by Canarm a perfect piece. $132

The finish and shape of this Eglo wall sconce is a hip update to a classic type of light fixture. $84

3. Industrial

The industrial look combines minimalism, a heritage aesthetic, and an appreciation for materials. “The industrial style is often a blend of old and new. Inspired by typical factory or warehouse decor, this style draws on raw materials and highlights contrasts in materials such as metal, zinc, sheet steel, raw wood or stone,” says Proulx Ouellette.

The combination of materials and vintage touches keeps this minimalist aesthetic from being cold.

Proulx Ouellette’s picks:

This track lighting option by Canarm is the perfect understated piece to light up an industrial-style bathroom. $99

The uncovered bulbs and heritage accents of this Eglo light are the right combination for an industrial look. $169

4. Transitional

The transitional style is perfect for those who want to incorporate elements from a few different decor types, while still focusing on creating a classic feel for their bathroom. “Traditional features and contemporary design come together in the transitional style, which creates a comforting and timeless ambience. The mix of styles is very popular, and the transitional style allows multiple element association,” says Proulx Ouellette.

She notes that using bronze and earth tones in light fixtures, as well as embracing traditional lines, will help bring together this updated version of a classic bathroom style.

Proulx Ouellette’s picks:

Proulx Ouellette says for a transitional style, look for gold and copper finishes, such as this fixture by Murray Feiss. The light is updated with a white glass shade. $157

The metallic finish and modern lines of this Canarm wall sconce add flair to a transitional-style room. $69

5. Traditional

Traditional has its name for a reason – this tried and true style is a classic that can’t go wrong. “Timeless and comforting, the traditional style creates a reassuring bridge to the past. This refined style suits homes that boast architectural details,” says Proulx Ouellette.

She recommends curves, worked metal, and ornamentation to create this timeless look. The key word to this particular style? Elegance.

Proulx Ouellette’s picks:

This Murray Feiss fixture uses small fabric shades to give an elegant air. $315

The details in Signature M&M’s highly ornamental wall sconce complement a traditional aesthetic. $79


Find more lighting options, tips and inspiration at multilighting.ca. Deliveries are free throughout Canada.

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