Blatchford: Designing for Happiness

Can the community you live in influence how happy you are?

While happiness means different things to different people, urban design experts have identified a number of fundamental foundations for neighbourhood design that can lead to happier and healthier residents!

It’s rare to find a community that checks all the urban design boxes. Enter Blatchford. This new, centrally located community will use people-first design principles to raise the bar on community design.


It’s easy to be green

Getting your daily nature fix can be challenging when you live in a busy city.  But with more and more research showing both the mental and physical benefits of spending time outdoors, Blatchford has been designed to make it easier to connect with nature on a daily basis.

With significantly more green space planned than in a typical community, no matter where you are in Blatchford, you will only be steps away from green and park spaces.  In addition to a large central park, smaller pocket parks, green walkways and tree-lined streets will be located throughout the community, so residents and visitors will be soaking in the benefits for years to come.


Walkability and other great ways to get around

Being able to get around without having to rely on a car translates into real value, and Blatchford is taking walkability to a new whole new Edmonton level.

From custom-designed wider sidewalks with pedestrian-scale lighting and street furniture, separated bike lanes, pedestrian-only streets and two LRT stops right inside the community, Blatchford will make choosing to take more trips without a car the easy and enjoyable decision.

And while street design is a key part of creating a walkable community, equally important is making sure there are desirable destinations for people to get to, which brings us to the location.


Location, location, location

Aside from being surrounded by existing businesses, communities and amenities (and being located just minutes from downtown), Blatchford will have local shops, services and amenities.

Public spaces like community gardens, plazas and playgrounds will be weaved throughout the development, and as the community is built out, you can expect neighbourhood cafes, restaurants and shops to allow everyone who lives, works and visits in Blatchford to have their daily needs met all in one place.

Staying connected

Think about walking down a narrow sidewalk between a windowless wall and cars rushing past you. Now think about walking down a wide sidewalk between a tree-lined boulevard and welcoming front porches, patios and storefronts. We prefer the latter and think most people do too!

Homes in Blatchford will have front porches instead of front garages. Smaller setbacks means front yards will be far enough from the sidewalks to create a sense of privacy for residents, but close enough to promote a sense of community. With an emphasis on maximizing doors, windows and porches at street-level, buildings and homes in Blatchford will add even more to the community’s streetlife.

The Blatchford life

If you want a community that grows with you, and for you, find more information about builders and homes at


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