Green Living Without Compromise

Blatchford is an innovative new neighbourhood designed for sustainable living.

The Blatchford Life

Blatchford is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to live sustainably in central Edmonton. This community will be home to 30,000 residents living, working and learning in a neighbourhood that empowers residents to live a great lifestyle while easily reducing their environmental footprint.


If our only goal is to live a purely green lifestyle, we could give up all of the comforts of our city life and move closer to nature. But what about those of us who want to lessen our footprint and commit to living more sustainably, without sacrificing our urban lifestyle? In Blatchford, you can do both.


The first townhomes are now pre-selling, but with only limited units remaining, contact the builders for more information today!


The Blatchford Difference

Blatchford dares to be different. There are many big things that make Blatchford great — like a massive central park and two LRT stops right in the community. But it’s not just about the big things. What makes Blatchford truly sustainable is all the little things working together to make a neighbourhood like no other.


One of the most important pieces of the Blatchford plan is to create a community that focuses on energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Edmontonians now have a choice to live in architecturally beautiful and environmentally considerate homes.

Energy Conservation

Blatchford requires all builders to commit to constructing high-performance green buildings. This means when you move into a Blatchford home, it will have highly-insulated walls, roofs and floors, high-performance windows and an airtight envelope to reduce heat loss. Blatchford is also offering homes with water-efficient fixtures, highly-efficient appliances and air filtration systems. For homeowners, this means less energy and water usage, better indoor air quality and more durable construction.


Energy Efficiency

Blatchford will use a District Energy Sharing System which is a network of underground pipes that deliver the energy needed for heating, cooling (air conditioning) and hot water to the homes. The system captures excess energy from buildings and shares it with other buildings across the neighbourhood. It can also share energy between seasons by capturing and storing summer heat energy to be used in the winter months. For homeowners, this means paying a utility bill knowing they’re contributing to a system that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


Renewable Energy

The District Energy Sharing System allows the flexibility to tie in renewable energy sources to make the system even more environmentally friendly. In the first stage of development, a geo-exchange field was built under the first future pond in the central park. And as the community develops, additional geo-exchange fields and a sewer heat recovery system will be built to bring Blatchford even closer to being carbon-neutral.


Blatchford Leads the Way

This community will be a model for future developments that want to blend urban and green living. Blatchford shows a commitment to eco-friendly travel by prioritizing pedestrians, cyclists and transit commuters above private vehicle traffic. Green spaces that include community gardens, fruit tree orchards and naturalized landscaping will be built for residents to enjoy. Plus, with local shops, services and amenities planned throughout Blatchford, a favourite coffee shop or bakery will be easy to get to, without having to hop in a car and leave the neighbourhood.

We can all make the choice to live a bit more sustainably. Through intentional and thoughtful design, Blatchford will make it easier and more convenient than ever to live a good-for-the earth lifestyle.


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