Save Well and Prosper

New digital investment experience helps you prepare for life’s emergencies.

You’re cruising down the highway on your way to visit your parents’ acreage for the weekend when suddenly, and without warning, your car engine shuts off. Shocked, you maneuver your up-until-now faithful vehicle to the side of the road and call the first tow truck company that comes up on your phone. They charge a cool hundred bucks to tow your hunk of metal to the repair shop 15 kilometres away. Your dad picks you up and takes you to the family home, but a couple of hours later, the repair shop calls. It’s an $800 engine fix to get the car drivable again. And you’ve got to be at work on Monday morning.

It’s the kind of circumstance in which having your own personal rainy-day fund can be a life- (or at least job-) saver. Situations that require emergency funds are almost never fun, but socking some cash away for those unexpected situations can do wonders for reducing your panic levels when they do occur.


ATB Financial offers an easy way for you to put that money away with ATB Prosper, its all-digital investment banking experience. ATB Prosper helps you to easily determine an investment portfolio that’s right for you and how much you’re able to save based on your own personal goals, income, level of risk, and of course, what you’re saving for – if it’s not emergency car repairs.


Maybe you want the peace of mind that if your basement floods, you have some money put aside for a hotel room and a restoration company. Alternatively, if you land that dream job – but it’s in Yellowknife– you’ll be able to buy that $1,000 fill-power down parka that was once a want but just became a necessity.


Once you’ve completed its short online assessment to understand your investor profile, you can sign up for an ATB Prosper account and start investing in as little as five minutes – meaning you don’t need to wrangle the time to actually go to a branch to get started. You can set up your portfolio, make contributions and check your progress all on your own, although help from an investment adviser is always only a phone call away.

Start investing with as little as $100, and make additional contributions of just $25 a month, or more, if you can and want to. An ATB Prosper TFSA can help you earn interest on your money saved. Plus, you can cash in your TFSA, without penalty, when unexpected emergencies come up. Inline with ATB’s purpose, ATB Prosper is a made-in-Alberta experience that aims to help you achieve your goals and make your aspirations closer. That’s why ATB’s award-winning Compass portfolio series powers the investment possibilities of your ATB Prosper account. It also offers an annual Prosper Bonus and low management fees.


ATB Prosper makes it easy to achieve best investment practices such as saving up six months of living expenses to cover you if you lose your job. And, let’s face it, creating a separate emergency savings account can help you avoid accidentally spending the funds on everyday life.


Life is full of unexpected situations that come out of nowhere, and most of them cost money and are typically unavoidable. So, whether you drop your phone in the hot tub during après-ski festivities or face a gap in employment, ATB Prosper gives you the comfort of being financially prepared for life’s emergencies. However, if you continually have to dip into your account to repair that broken-down car, it might be time to look at trading it in for something more reliable. Just saying…


To learn more about ATB Prosper and to start investing in as little as five minutes, click here.

ATB Wealth consists of a range of financial services provided by ATB Financial and certain of its subsidiaries. ATB Investment Management Inc., ATB Securities Inc., and ATB Insurance Advisors Inc. are individually licensed users of the registered trade name ATB Wealth. ATB Securities Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.

ATB Investment Management Inc. (“ATBIM”) manages the Compass Portfolio Series. ATBIM and ATB Securities Inc. (“ATBSI”) are wholly owned subsidiaries of ATB Financial, and may operate under the registered trademark ATB Wealth. Additional information about the Compass Portfolio Series and other important disclosures may be found on the ATB Compass Portfolios.

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