3 Waterfall Road Trips You Should Take

These waterfalls in Bighorn Country, Big Hill Springs Provincial Park and Yoho National Park are well worth a visit.

Crescent Falls. Photograph by Jeff Bartlett, courtesy of Travel Alberta

Crescent Falls

Nestled between Jasper and Banff National Parks, Bighorn Country is one of Alberta’s most underrated wilderness areas. Here, you’ll find Crescent Falls, two cascading waterfalls in a double punchbowl on the Bighorn River. Though not strikingly high at approximately 25 metres, the two-tiered waterfall is, nevertheless, quite popular because of its easy accessibility and stunning symmetry. Take a short, steep trail with ropes down to the pool below the upper falls to watch the pounding water gush, surrounded by views of a dramatic canyon. Rock cairns dot the ledges at the base of upper falls; a marker of past visitors who have also sought out this low-effort, high-payoff view. —L.S.

323 km from Edmonton via Hwy 2 south, Hwy 12 west, Hwy 22 south and Hwy 11 (David Thompson Hwy).


Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

The series of mini-falls at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park aren’t going to wow you with their rushing force, but they’re lovely all the same. Tucked into a coulee between Cochrane and Airdrie, Big Hill Springs is a hidden gem where you can observe and learn about tufa, porous rock formed when moving water deposits minerals more rapidly than it erodes the rock underneath. —S.A.

297 km from Edmonton via Hwy 2 south, Hwy 567 west and Range Road 34A south.


Takakkaw Falls

Everything about Yoho National Park is grand and wild and this star-attraction waterfall is right at home amidst its striking surroundings. Well-marked and easily accessible off the Trans-Canada on Yoho Valley Road, 39 km west of Lake Louise and preceding the turn-off into Field, B.C., this 384-m stunner is what waterfall road trips are all about. Prepare to feel some serious spray! —S.A.

504 km from Edmonton via Hwy 2 south to Trans-Canada Hwy west.

A version of this article appeared in Avenue Calgary magazine.

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